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Gain 10.75 ICF CCEU points

Coaches Going Corporate
Blended Learning Programme

Connect with a group of colleagues to combine the flexibility of our online course with personal support from a trainer.

Great video classes to keep forever

This powerful series of eight masterclasses is designed for coaches who are used to working with clients in creative, spontaneous, emotional ways and are unsure how to use these coaching tools with corporate clients. The course will help you to build a bridge so that you can keep your tools, and adapt your approach to successfully do personal development coaching in structured environments and with logical-minded clients.

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Video teaching & coaching demos

Watch coaching demos coupled with in-depth teaching that breaks down the skills you are seeing and how to apply them to your own coaching.

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Supporting reading

Reinforce your learning with PDFs that summarise key lessons and models, designed as a reference guide for you to refer back to as needed.

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Real-world practice exercises

Stretch into your new skills and embed your new learning, with practice coaching exercises to try out each week with your clients or colleagues.

Stay connected and supported with group learning

Take your learning further with personal support from your trainer and close connection with your learning group.

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Group learning calls

Join a small group of colleagues for learning calls with your trainer to practice new skills, share learnings, and gain tips for being an even more masterful coach.

Connect with a group of collegues

Stay in close contact with your learning group to celebrate successes, get support with any struggles, and stay motivated throughout the course.

April 9th - June 4th 2018

Each week you will focus on one class - with video lessons and follow up homework - and every second week you’ll get together with your colleagues and your trainer Leonid Frolov, for a group learning call.

Group learning calls are on Apr 23rd, May 7th, May 21st and Jun 4th, from 5pm to 6:30pm GMT.

Week 1
The Through the Door Model

This easy-to-remember model will help you to move with ease from your clients' external problems to the internal motivators and blocks that drive their actions.

Week 2
Building Relationship

Learn how to create trust and credibility with your clients from day one, how to push back when clients are in denial, and ways to stay in relationship during a conflict.

Week 3
The Neuroscience of Coaching + Group Learning Call

Understand what's happening in your clients' brains as they undergo coaching, and use neuroscience to help your clients tap into their creativity, counteract stress, and create change.

Week 4
From Resistance to Play

Learn a range of techniques to get even the most resistant clients to relax and willingly engage in your more creative, emotional, 'wacky' coaching tools.

Week 5
Working with Values + Group Learning Call

Take your values coaching to deeper levels by helping your clients to replace missing 'foundation' values, and understand the neuroscience of why 'inspirational' values motivate us.

Week 6
Framing and Metaphor

Creative techniques to help clients step back from the hard focus and emotional intensity of their problems, and tap into their creativity to find new wisdom and insights.

Week 7
Beliefs and Emotional Addictions + Group Learning Call

Learn how to identify and work with the beliefs behinds your clients' words, and understand when clients are 'addicted' to anger or drama, and how to help detox these emotional habits.

Week 8

Skills to focus your clients' attention on their learning, their body, and their emotions, to help them become more aware of themselves, and more resourceful in how they solve their problems.

Week 9
Final Call and Celebration

In this 90-minute call your facilitator will debrief learning from the last two weeks' video classes; guide participants to identify their primary takeaways from the course; plan ways to continue to support each other; and celebrate the work done together.

Organised and facilitated by Leonid Frolov

Our Blended Learning Programme is organised and facilitated by Leonid Frolov

Leonid Frolov, CPCC, is a highly-sought after coach, trainer and leadership facilitator who works with a variety of private individuals, groups and organizations. Leonid holds a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) certification through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and is a graduate of their Leadership program. Leonid serves as a member of the faculty at CTI as a front of room leader on the Core Curriculum, Pod Leader for the Advanced Certification programme, and as a Supervisor for Co-Active coaches.

  1. I miss it already. It has huge depth so even experienced coaches can benefit. The calls were a powerful way to reinforce the materials.
  2. Magda Kulicka
  3. CPCC, PCC, Poland
  1. I loved the richness and depth of the course. Now I have a lot more knowledge to rely on about the “why” and “how” these approaches work.
  2. Cara Diemont
  3. Coach and Strategist, UAE
  1. The course has opened up more business opportunities for me, as telling clients and organisations about neuroscience has built credibility.
  2. Siren Fadler
  3. Positive Communication Coach, Norway
  1. I would definitely recommend this course. It was fun being able to connect to a group of other coaches to share experience and expertise.
  2. Dorit Noble
  3. Executive Performance Coach and Nia Trainer, UK

Common questions

You can experience some of the online classes for yourself by signing up for the free taster on the Coaches Going Corporate Online Course page. We have carefully chosen the taster chapters so that you’ll gain some new skills and knowledge even if you don’t choose to continue with the full course.

Yes, the Blended Learning Programme is ICF accredited, and provides 10.75 CCEU points and 1.25 Resource Development Points.

Blended learning combines online learning with ‘live’ teaching. The streaming-video classes offer the flexibility to fit your learning around your schedule, plus the opportunity to see coaching demos coupled with teaching that breaks down the skills you are seeing and how to apply them to your own coaching practice. This is then combined with in-depth support from your course facilitator and learning group colleagues to deepen your learning and help you stay motivated throughout the course.

Coaches Going Corporate is designed for trained coaches who are aiming to develop specialist skills to work more confidently with corporate or logical-minded clients. If you are a newly trained coach, this course will help you take your existing coaching skills confidently and professionally into corporate coaching. If you are an experienced coach, this course will act as a bridge, teaching you the neuroscience behind your coaching tools, and sharing an approach to help your corporate, linear-thinking clients buy in to the full range of your coaching tools.

Once you have completed the course, the video classes will remain in your personal ‘library’ on forever. One of the benefits of this style of learning is that you can check back in with the video classes any time that you want to refresh your learning.

There is nothing to download. The classes are streaming video and will play directly from your personal ‘library’ on You can log in to your library from any desktop computer, tablet or phone, and watch the videos anytime or anywhere that you have internet access.

If you unsure that you will have the time in your schedule for a structured course, you may prefer the Coaches Going Corporate video series. This self-led course of 8 online masterclasses is designed for you to learn at your own pace.

If you already own the Coaches Going Corporate video series get in touch and we can offer you a discount to join the full Blended Learning Programme. Many people start with the video series, and move on to a group experience to take their learning further. Contact us at

Coaches Going Corporate video course
created by Lori Shook

Lori has been a Master Certified Coach since 2001 and she is passionate about training coaches. From 1998 to 2012 Lori worked at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) where she was responsible for teaching and supervising coaches, training trainers, and expanding CTI into 14 new countries.

Along the way, Lori has coached countless clients in Fortune 500 companies, startups and public service organisations. She has developed ways to bring personal development to corporate and logical-minded clients and is passionate about training other coaches to do the same.

Learn at your own pace with our stand alone video course

Coaches Going Corporate